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Our Vision & Values

Strength in Partnership


To be a family of collaborative and innovative academies and partner organisations that together have the talents and strengths to improve the achievements and life chances of the students, families and communities it serves.


The Fortis Trust will:

  • create a family of collaborative and innovative academies and partner organisations
  • establish a rigorous and successful school improvement partnership
  • ensure that all students, in each academy, make outstanding progress and achieve highly in their academic and personal development
  • provide a forum for the development of innovative and creative leadership and teaching
  • ensure the provision of a student-centred curriculum tailored to the needs and aspirations of each partner school and their students.
  • help schools to strengthen further their work with their families and community including where appropriate access to specialist services
  • provide leadership of and support for all aspects of provision for students with SEND
  • provide quality central services that support teaching and learning effectively
  • enable schools to respond collectively and effectively to national and local change

Our Mission

  • To enable students to take a full and active responsible role in their community and beyond as global citizens and ambassadors
  • To ensure students have endless chances to develop and become life-long learners embracing disabilities and differences
  • To foster an enabling environment to develop student resilience, maturity to become self-assured and well considered citizens
  • To provide a bespoke, personalised curriculum which meets all student’s needs and abilities through high quality innovative teaching and learning
  • To enable students to acquire the academic and personal skills needed to make the move to secondary education successfully

Our Approach

  • Ensuring students are at the heart of everything that we do
  • Highly effective school improvement strategy that strengthens teaching and leadership, improves behaviour and raises standards
  • School-centred approach, not corporate
  • Collaborative development not improved change
  • Trust support team (where needed)
  • Support for development of middle and senior leadership
  • Students taking greater responsibility for their own personal and academic development
  • Using data to drive student’s personal development and academic progress
  • Talent Spotting and harnessing 

Our Values

  • Excellence and enjoyment for all
  • No ceiling to our learning
  • Students at the heart of everything we do
  • Innovation, creativity and collaboration
  • Student’s voices and their contributions to academy life will be heard and recognised
  • School success is supported by strong relationships with families and communities