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We have found that Bradfield’s supportive and advisory role in school has really helped us in dealing with a wide range of issues this year. We feel that it has had a positive impact both on behaviour and academic progress and has armed teachers and TA’s with a greater range of strategies and approaches which in turn has heightened our awareness and understanding of a variety of needs.

Mrs Claire Beehan SENCO Lordswood Primary

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the support you have given my school over this academic year. As a SENCO new into post, you have been able to help myself and my colleagues when working with particularly difficult children.

Secondly, I feel I the children have really made good progress due to the support given from Bradfield’s. The early intervention and use of a holistic approach has really helped children attain well who otherwise could be potentially problematic. I can think of 3-4 different children who are now enjoying accessing the curriculum due to the support given by the staff at Bradfield’s. They are always professional and give honest and supportive advice.

Finally, having someone available to support the staff has been invaluable in developing the strategies our staff have and our ability to be more inclusive, so thank you.

Mr David Brooks-Smith SENCO Burnt Oak Primary

The Team has provided strategies of support for both KS1 and KS2 children which has given teaching staff confidence and knowledge.

To know that there is a service that can be called upon to give advice and practical support relieves some of the stress and pressure from the teacher.

A non-judgmental professional coming in to your classroom to observe and comment on what they see and what can be done is beneficial as they have a fresh perspective and have the needs of the children as their focus.

Our experience from Bradfields Outreach Team has been excellent.

The process for referring a child is simple and the response is quick. The Team has been flexible with changes that have occurred at the school which has also helped with organizing the Outreach.

Our school has only recently requested the support, but within this time they have offered staff training and have visited the pupils on numerous occasions to support and review the strategies. Advice and signposting has also been given to the SENCo.

As a school, we will continue to use the service and value its support.

Mrs Emma Kane SENCO St Helen’s Primary

From the onset of Bradfields support, it has always been professional whereby there is effective communication and diary dates have been secured.

The team have both been outstanding with their support, guidance, knowledge and experience.  They have empowered members of our staff so that they have the confidence and expertise to support a particular pupil in school.

On behalf of Hilltop Primary School, I would like to personally thank the team for their continued support and guidance.  It is a service that has a direct, positive impact on both the child and the CPD of staff.

Mrs Karin Tillett  Deputy Head Teacher Hilltop Primary School

The help that the outreach team has given the school has been invaluable. The support was given swiftly and to great effect. The advice given was both practical and useful.

There is always a fast response to both emails and phone calls. This enables both parties to be fully updated on the effectiveness of the support and to make any further recommendations.

Detailed written reports are provided in a timely manner, these are so useful for evidence and to help us measure the impact of the suggested strategies.

The staff are friendly and approachable which has made it easy to establish a positive and productive working relationship very quickly.

Ian Gambles Deputy Head/SENCO Balfour Junior Academy

"It is a comforting relief that we can rely on your service for support when we have exhausted all our options. Your perspective and advice given allow us to provide further support for our young people."

Debbie Winspear Deputy SENCO, DLACT Greenacre Academy

I have always found the outreach work conducted by Bradfields to be very well run. Your staff have been friendly and very knowledgeable. The information we have received either in support of EHCP applications or as general guidance has always been very well written and of a great help to us.

Simon Richter SENCO Brompton Academy