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Members & Directors

‘Fortis Trust strongly believes in their mission to positively impact on the lives of all children and young adults across Medway through ‘strength in partnership’. The Trust Board supports its partners in being a family of collaborative and innovative academies and provisions that together have the talents and strengths to improve the achievements and life chances of the students, families and communities it serves’.

Fortis Trust Governance is operated by 5 Members and a board of Trustees.  Fortis Trust has a Master Funding Agreement and will have Supplemental Funding Agreements between the Trust and the Department for Education for each academy who becomes a partner. Trustees have additional company law duties arising from legislation and common law.  In particular, they must comply with the Companies Act 2006.  In addition, as academies have charitable status; trustees are responsible for ensuring that the academy trust adheres to the Charity Commission's regulations.


  1. Peter Martin (Chair)
  2. Mark Gedye
  3. Nick Pearson
  4. Cllr Elizabeth Turpin
  5. Chris Williams

The Members are the shareholders of the company. Fortis Trust has 5 members, one of which is the Chair of the Trust Board. The Members have several functions:

  • To sign the memorandum, to sign/amend the articles of association and to determine the name of the Trust;
  • To receive the Trust’s accounts and report, and to appoint/remove the auditors;
  • To appoint Members and Trustees (also known as Directors);
  • To ensure that the Trust’s charitable objective is being met; and
  • To dissolve the Trust.
  • To hold an annual general meeting (AGM)


  • Peter Martin
  • Ian Chappell
  • Paul Coyne
  • Patrick Drumm
  • Mark Gedye
  • Matthew Hull
  • Christine Richards
  • Marie Sweetlove

The Directors of the Trust sit on the Trust Board and are legally required to carry out a range of powers and responsibilities, working in partnership with the CEO and the Lead of Forward2Employment to ensure the Trust provides the highest possible standard of education for all students and young adults. The majority of leadership and management tasks are delegated to the CEO. The board sets the vision and aims for the Trust and its partners, overseeing the strategic direction and policy in order to achieve the company objectives. They will ensure good governance and leadership, holding the CEO to account. The board meets regularly as a Full Trust Board 6 times a year. It has two sub-committees which each meet three times a year. The Sub-Committees consider whole trust issues: Finance, Buildings & Staffing; and Student Needs & Curriculum.

They are responsible for:

  • The strategic overview of the Trust and the management of the Trust’s business affairs.
  • Ensuring there is a high standard of education.
  • Entering into contracts on the Trust’s behalf.
  • Ensuring that relevant statutory documents are delivered to companies house.
  • Managing the Trust's finances and property.
  • Taking part in board meetings of the Trustees.

Trustees make several visits to the academy/schools/SPI during each academic year often with a specific Task & Finish focus which enables them to understand, monitor and make a judgement of the Trust's work and progress, impact and value for money. Following their visits, reports are submitted to the sub-committees and findings shared to inform future decisions.

The Trust also provides leadership of key educational support services – Fortis Outreach Services, finance, estates management, IT and human resources. Partners will be able to access these services as well as accessing the talents and expertise of a range of staff across the Trust.

Currently, Fortis Trust’s governance structure is:

*As additional partner schools join the Trust, Local Advisory Boards will be developed.

Forward2Employment - Board of Trustees - Directors

  • Elizabeth Halton
  • Richard Halton
  • Angela Gillett

To find out more about Forward2Employment's Directors, please click the following link: